Still Promoting Solutions That “Move Gardena Forward”

Still Promoting Solutions That “Move Gardena Forward”

“Relevant Experience that Matters”

  • Creating A More Responsive Government
  • Investing in Public Safety and Services
  • Working to Improve Environmental Conditions
  • Preserving Our Open Space 

Forming a More Responsive Government

I continue to establish collaborative connections between our community and our City Council.

Accomplishments to date:

Improving Transparency

  • Budget in Brief
  • Open City Hall Community Meetings
  • Park Community Meetings
  • Neighborhood Meetings

Maximizing Technology

  • Mobile Device Usage Online Reporting
  • Creation Of Computer Lab at Rowley Park
  • WiFi Connectivity Initiative in our Parks

 Quality of Life

  • Approving residential and commercial development
  • Abandon Property Ordinance
  • Promoting partnership to execute filming
  • Secured grants for Park and Recreation improvements

Working to Improve Environmental Conditions 

  • Sustainable community
  • City corridor improvements
  • Street and infrastructure improvements
  • Transportation alternatives
  • Smart City Initiatives

Vision for 2024

Increase Community Engagement

  • Annual electronic citizen survey and poll to gather public viewpoints and track general satisfaction with city council services.
  • Strengthen current communication channels such as Gardena Direct to effectively engage with the community and key stakeholders to efficiently respond to demand.
  • Expand the City Council’s “Open City Hall” for the community to become better acquainted with their city council and provide a visual presentation of how to access City Council reports.


  • Further validate and support our newly formed Mental Health Evaluation Team.
  • Continue to provide and allocate resources to support our newly developed plan.
  • Continued coordination with Los Angeles County to develop resolutions for our community. 

Improving Quality of Life

  • Maintain a "Gardena First" ideology to ensure our concerns are addressed.
  • Continue building coalitions between city contractors and the community to foster economic development and growth for the City of Gardena by including our community in the success.
  • Embrace diversity and foster inclusiveness by celebrating the culture of Gardena by creating opportunities for different cultures to have community events.
  • Work with community members and organizations to foster better neighborhood patrolling to promote safety and better community engagement.

Improving Environmental Conditions

  • Establish an emissions cutback action plan to continue Gardena’s push for an environmentally sustainable community.
  • Build a resource center on the cities website to consolidate public education, renewable energy financing, and permitting.

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  • Mark Henderson
    commented 2015-01-31 19:05:47 -0800
    I am committed to work to ensure that there is fair treatment for those that reside in Mobile Home Parks.