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MEH_portrait.jpg“Experience that matters” Elect Henderson on March 3, 2015

Mark E. Henderson was appointed to the City of Gardena Planning Commission in 2010 and served until 2012. Prior to his appointment to the Planning Commission, he had served on the City of Gardena Rent Mediation Board as a member-at-large. He worked tirelessly to ensure that landlord and tenant discussions are civil and end with both parties satisfied.

As past chairman, he worked to be an effective leader of the Planning Commission and proactively collaborated with city council and city staff, exhibiting valuable insight into understanding the needs of the residents and businesses of the entire community. Mark has a goal to provide further servant leadership to the city with strategic planning and budgeting experience, and strong understanding of technology to create a more streamlined and responsive government. He believes this can be executed effectively and in a financially prudent manner. Mark believes that we can accomplish the vision to “Move Gardena Forward.” One aspect of this vision is the effective marketing of welcomed business expansion and development in the mixed use and commercial areas within the City. Another aspect of this vision is to highlight the current recreational offerings of the City and plan other recreational opportunities that will enhance our quality of life. Another aspect is to directly mitigate the Brownfields and blighted areas. Mark is currently the President of the Environmental Justice Committee, formerly the Gardena Brownfield Community Relations Committee.

Mark dares to ask the question: Why can’t our City be a true destination to live, work, and play? Along with many other citizens that provide valued input to him, he deeply knows that Gardena can capitalize on the current economically sound foundation and create a vibrant future existence. This of course cannot be done without increased collaboration from community, business, and government. Mark is extremely dedicated to this vision.

Mark has spent the past 30 plus years in the fields of business, technology, and teaching in higher education. He has chosen to work in the public sector the majority of his professional career, because he believes in service to all. Most recently he has been appointed as a board member to the PV Jobs Initiative. In addition to the previous appointment, the Associate Vice Chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District appointed him chairman of the community outreach initiative to promote higher education. He is a board member of many other non-profit organizations and community groups. He leads his own group known as the Brothers, Inc.. This is a leadership program for African-American and Latino males. He is a long standing volunteer of the Gardena Pop Warner program.

After being honorably discharged from the United States Navy, Mark chose to complete his education, which he began at Los Angeles Southwest College. He holds an undergraduate degree in Telecommunications Management from DeVry University, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Redlands, and a doctorate degree from University of La Verne in Organizational Leadership. Mark is a financial and active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Along with his responsibilities to the citizens and his colleagues on the City Council, Planning Commission, and Rent Mediation Board, Henderson serves as a member of Assemblyman Steve Bradford’s education committee, a member of the African-American Caucus, and Secretary of the Veterans Caucus.

Gardena has been Henderson’s home for well over 20 years. Gardena was a community he admired since a youth and his goal was to create a wholesome existence for his family in Gardena. Many of his friends and fellow citizens are here. He continually desires to work critically and diligently to make this community a thriving, beautiful, and safe place in which to enjoy.

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